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Hexagons Diamonds Triangles and More 369-1

Hexagons Diamonds Triangles and More 369-1



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This is an excellent reference book for those into the latest Hexagon craze.  All the angles associated with hexagons and their partner shapes (equilateral triangles, 60- degree diamonds, etc.) are based on 60 degree rulers. This book explains the cutting of lots of pieces that match and form subunits for these quilts.  It is written in the vane of the original patchwork books by Sara Nephew and Marci Baker, who pioneered the 3-D quilts.

Anyone who is currently working on a hex quilt, or will in the future will absolutely benefit from all the valuable information in this book, including the chapters on finishing and setting units.

Hexagons, Diamond, Triangles, and More

Skill Building Techniques for 60-degree Patchwork

Author: Kelly Ashton

Publisher: Martingale

Item #369-1