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  • Fair Trade Hand Dyed Fabrics From Uganda


    Akonye Kena fabrics are produced in Uganda. The groups that produce them are paid a living wage, and they work to support an orphanage and primary school in Jinja, Uganda.

    The group Arise and Shine controls the production from "Seed to Sewer". The 100% cotton fabric is grown, woven, and hand-dyed in this one area. They use both commercial and natural dyes. The "Barks and Berries" line is all natural colors derived from local plants and berries. The dyes are colorfast.

    When washing the fabric for the first time, we recommend separating lights from darks as you would any fabric, cool or lightly warm water, mild detergent, and line or machine dry on warm setting.

    The fabrics are woven 58" wide selvage to selvage, so you are actually getting 40% more useable fabric than off a 40" wide bolt. Remember this when estimating yardage for projects.

    The wonderful variations in dye pattern, shades and values across the fabric are what make hand-dyed fabrics so beautiful and cherished.

    You will love working with Akonye Kena fabrics. They are a nice weight, with just a little coarser weave, and have the look and feel of linen, without all the wrinkles. They provide an excellent base for embroidery, similar to working with cotton kitchen linens.

    All fabric yardage off the bolt on this page is cut from 58" wide stock, giving you 40% more fabric to the yard.

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